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7.Run of VLN,
the 6h-ADAC-Ruhr-Pokal-Race on the 04.08.12
Very good weekend for Motorsport – Sing at the 6h Endurance Race on the Nordschleife


At the 4.August was the session highlight of this year, the 6 hour endurance race. The team around the Mercedes-Benz Dealer of Heidenheim, together with the WTCC Driver Charles Kaki Ng, joints the race on their SLK from motorsport Sing. Charles just did some fine tuning together with Bertin and Eugen Sing, to make the SLK more efficient and they also changed the Tire Manufacturer to get the best Result of the Car.
After that reworking they started on Saturday morning with the training, to get the best time on the Track. They quickly determine that the optimization should be the right way to bet the best times of the slk. Directly in the first round of the Training, Bertin bet his personal best time on the SLK about 10 seconds and said: " Absolute madness, the car runs strikly in that direction I want it to go to, and the tires gives you a perfect feedback from the track. The best time in the training session drives Charles, he drives in 9:38.373 seconds and reached the Starting Position 100 of 166 driving Cars. There you see the high speed of this Race Series and the tight power density of the Cars, five years ago with this time you should start under the Top 50.

At 12 o`clock the race started with Bertin in the first stint and he drives one fastest lap behind the next. After the 7 th round he gave the car to Charles who could go also fast like Bertin. So he goes position to position forward with fastest lap time 9,31s. After his stint, Eugen started the Race and drives also very good times, every time under the Magic time Limit of 10 minutes per Round.
Also the crew worked very well on this weekend, they pushed on every stop to bring the car in the fastest way back to the track. Changing the wheels, cleaning window, etc. was even faster as petrol refuel.
The only point what could make the weekend "perfect" should be the great victory of the group V6, but this is a point for the future.
After two more stints driven by Charles and Eugen, we finished as 5 th of the second biggest group, it´s about "Standard Cars" up to 3,5 Liter cubic capacity and with 17 cars in this class.
By the way, we also finished as 46 th of all 166 cars, so we have a good car that could drive in the front of the middle field of this big group, and drive home with cup like this weekend.

Now we could look forward for the next Race, on the 25 august, it´s the 44 ADAC Barbarossaprice, with 4 hour of race action. We will see what the sing family will do and if they could confirm the great performance from the last race.

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