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5th Round of VLN – Endurance Championship,
52th ADAC Reinoldus-Endurancerace, 7th July 2012

Motorsport Sing is back after an unindebted crash at the last race


After two busy weeks repairing the Motorsport Sing SLK we drove up to the Eifel again. We didn’t think we could finish the car before the race but our great team worked hard and got it done just in time on Thursday evening. So loaded the car and drove up to the Nürburgring on Friday. This time our drivers where Sing/Sing/Ng again. Looks like guestdriver Charles KaKi Ng from Hong Kong was pretty stoked from the last race and came back with pleasure. Against all forecasts the weather in the eifel was very nice and the sun was shining, so it was the best condition for a great race.
Teamowner Eugen Sing started to his obligatory start and installation-lap on Saturday morning as usual and gave the steering wheel to KaKi Ng after a few Laps.  KaKi himself did 2 qualifying laps and set the best time for the SLK. After him Bertin Sing took his chance to drive his 2 qualifying laps and did constant laps till the team decided to send KaKi back on the track at the end of the qualifying in dry conditions to improve the starting grid place. With a really satisfying lap of 9min47.706sec the Sing SLK ended on the P82 overall, which wasn‘t expected after the hard impact and huge damage on the rearend of the car in the last race. You never know if a car runs good again and reliable after such a high speed crash but it looks like the routinier crew did a great job and the SLK ran like a clockwork.


The usual start driver Bertin Sing crossed the starting line quiet after lunch in the second starting group and drove a good constant first stint just under the 10min barrier. He managed to overtake some of the other drivers and settled the SLK in the Top 70 overall. After 7 Laps he forwarded the SLK to his father and teamboss Eugen Sing which obtained his usual fast and steady program.  At about 2:30pm Charles KaKi Ng got the wheel and it looked like he wanted to make up something after his crash in the last race in which he had to leave the race on 4 th pace and couldn’t finish. After a bit of a safety lap at first he drove one fast lap after the other and reached the 60th place out of 150 overall and a 6th place in our class V6 out of 13 cars.
All-round a successful weekend and the eyes of Team Sing looking straight and confident ahead to the next race 2 weeks later on 21st July 2012.

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